About Us

My first experience of taking educational groups abroad was in 1976. A British teacher called Jean- Paul Creton, working in the same school as me, asked  if I would be interested in taking some students to the UK for an English summer course.  I was thrilled with the idea. Having been to England as an au-pair for a year, I was familiar with life there, and as a new teacher of English, I was keen to become involved. 

Since then, my involvement in teaching and taking groups abroad has developed.  Now after many years of teaching English at different levels, both in Turkey and in the UK, I have decided to introduce a new branch of our company, (End Inspection Co. Ltd), called "Education Abroad".

The need in this field has been growing rapidly and the demand for English has been a major issue in the globalization of the world.

Our aim and first mission, is to assist not only young students, but those who need to use English,  in whatever field, regardless of age or ability.

We believe that, in the near future,  Turkey is going to play a greater role in the global community. We also strongly believe that Turkish students (old & young) who have experience of studying English overseas, will be able to make a significant contribution to the future of Turkey.

Our role, as a company, is to provide students with the opportunity to develop their language skills alongside native speakers whilst experiencing other cultures.

Our programmes are as follows:

  • Short & Long term languages courses
  • Academic Eng. Exam preparations (IELTS,TOEIC,TOEFL,GMAT,CAMB.)
  • English for business and Professional  people
  • University Foundations
  • Holiday Courses
  • Teacher Training Courses
  • Pre MBA courses